Here you will find updates from the SCDM 2018 Annual Conference Session Chairs and Co-Chairs. We look forward to sharing the conference preparations with you!

July 2018 

Session 5

Sara Doolittle, session chair for « Let’s DTQR » will debate critical matters about the relationship between quality controlintegrity and matrix with data management and clinical trials – an insightful and educating discussion!

Session 9

Combining Standards and Technology to Accelerate Timelines and Efficiently Manage Clinical Trial Data is the title of this informative session that will be taking place on Monday during the SCDM Annual Conference

Session 12

Session 13

Kate Solomon, session chair for “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” The Breakfast Club…of Data Management, talks about her original session at the SCDM 2018 Annual Conference, a must attend!

Session 14

Call Collins and his panel of experts underline requirements e-Consent needs to accommodate. Join their session to learn how to determine the suitability of e-Consent in light of a study’s setting, participant profile, and indication (among other attributes).

Session 18

Session 29

Central Monitoring is becoming a mainstream in the industry. On this session, 3 experts will focus on the approaches, experiences and technologies used in different types of organisations to perform CM.

Session 31

Session 32

Data Management is a big topic these days, we constantly hear about the future of DM, but what about the present? Listen to this podcast and discover more about Data Management and its immediate application.

Program Highlights

Conference Co-chair, Debra Jendrasek, shares her favourite parts of the SCDM 2018 Annual Conference Program with us. The 2018 program is bigger than ever – do not miss out on the exciting educational opportunities!

June 2018 

Conference Co-chair, Alexander Bragat, introduces our Early Bird Registration campaign. Make the most of our discount now and save up to $200! Register by 13 June!

April 2018 

Call for Abstracts

Conference Co-chair, Dawn Kaminski, introduces our Call for Abstracts campaign. Submit your abstract by April 26!